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 How Do I Stop Receiving Emails From You?
Article Please know that I respect your privacy and take this topic very seriously. To unsubscribe, please read the following:

You can either locate an existing email from me, or wait until I send you another one. Then at the bottom of the email is an Unsubscribe link.

Click that link and you will not receive further emails from me from that list. If you are on multiple lists of mine and wish to unsubscribe from all of them, you will have that option when you click the Unsubscribe link.

If you were referred to one of my websites through a "Tell A Friend" script, then I did not initiate the email to you. You will need to contact the person who actually referred you using the script and request that they no longer do so. You can also click the link at the bottom of the email to not be contacted again from the Tell A Friend script associated with that particular website.

If the above are not possible, for example a spammer has gotten your email address and is abusing the Tell A Friend script, please notify me immediately through a help desk request.

I take spam VERY seriously, and will work with you to end it as quickly and effectively as possible.

On occasion, there are technical issues that cause the Unsubscribe links to not work. If this happens, please also make a help desk request to me, or you can send me a physical letter at: LLC
PO Box 87412
Vancouver WA

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