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 Can I interview you?
Article Due to the large number of telesummit and interview requests I receive, I've put together this FAQ entry to help you figure out if we're a good fit to work together. :)

First, if would like to interview me and have no partnership / joint-venture requirements, then the answer is almost always yes. And I'm happy to mention our interview on social media. Click here to contact me.

If you are requesting any kind of joint-venture / partnership marketing from me, then please continue reading...

I understand that many telesummit producers require 1 or more solo emails to be sent, I'd like to address my policy up front.

(1) If you and I have never worked together, then generally speaking I am grateful to mention our upcoming interview on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

(2) If we have worked together before, then generally speaking I am grateful to additionally mention you in a newsletter email (not solo) to my audience.

(3) If you and I have a personal relationship, have collaborated frequently, or you are a major telesummit producer such as Healing With the Masters or The Aware Life Show, then I will additionally send at least 1 solo message to announce our interview. I am willing to send 2 or more depending on the relationship that we have and the proven reach of your telesummit.

(4) Additionally, while I am willing to speak to just about any topic, if I am to provide any kind of email mentions (as per #2 and #3 above) then your summit must also be aligned with my audience (personal development and spirituality).

Additionally, I know that many telesummits offer their listeners "special offers." Again, I have a unique policy on this which I'd like to address up front. Unless I am releasing a new product -for the first time on your show- then I do not do special offers of any kind. I have many reasons for this and would be happy to discuss with you, if you feel that your telesummit should be an exception to this rule.

If all of the above is fine with you (as it is for many producers), then please submit a Help Desk request to us with the information below:

1. Name of the organizer/partner?

2. How many telesummits have you produced before this one?

3. What are the requirements and expectations of me? How flexible are they?

4. What is the financial compensation?

5. How are leads tracked? And for how long?

6. Names of other participants who have already agreed:

7. Names of other participants who will be approached:

8. May I use the interviews for my own purposes? If so, are there any restrictions on the way I may use them?

9. How will the interviews be used after the teleseminar series is completed?

10. Please feel free to share any additional information you think may be relevant and/or helpful to me. :)

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