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 Will You Promote or Review My Product/Book/Movie On Your Website and Mailing Lists?
 I am always open to reviewing and/or promoting quality products and services on my websites and to my visitors. However, I have very strict guidelines about who I will partner with. This is to ensure that your offering would be in the best interests of th
 Do You Offer Coaching or Consulting Services?
 I am taking a limited number of clients for personal transformation coaching and business coaching. If you are interested in learning more, click here to explore whether we're a good fit for w
 Are You On Facebook / YouTube / Twitter etc?
 Yes - social networks are a great way to get to know me more personally! Feel free to connect with me on any of the social networks here:
 How Do I Submit A Link Exchange?
 At this time I am not doing any link exchanges with websites that I do not already have an existing relationship with.
 How Do I Submit An Article For One Of Your Websites?
 At this point in time, I do not publish any articles. However, if you have a spiritual story that is narrative in nature, you may submit it using the Submit A Story form at here:
 Do You Accept Poems for
 At this time the site is focused specifically on spiritual short stories. From what I've seen, there are other places to share spiritual poems on the internet. However, sometimes a poem really is narrative in nature. There are a couple of poems posted
 Is Chris religious?
 Chris considers himself to be on a journey of spiritual development that does not identify with any specific religion. His intention is to draw upon the wisdom of all the spiritual paths and religions of the world, and to bring all people together regardl
 Will Chris answer my personal questions or help solve my problems?
 Although every email you send Chris is read, due to the large number of requests that Chris receives, he his not always able to answer personal questions or help you individually resolve your problems. His intention is that by providing the free resources
 How Do I Reach Customer Support?
 To receive the quickest response, I recommend you contact me via the Help Desk by clicking here. We strive to respond to all inquiries within
 How Do I Write A Help Desk Request?
 If these FAQ entries did not answer your questions, please click here to write a Help Desk Request. IMPORTANT: Before submitting your ticket, please
 Can I interview you?
 Due to the large number of telesummit and interview requests I receive, I've put together this FAQ entry to help you figure out if we're a good fit to work together. :) First, if would like to interview me and have no partnership / joint-venture requir
 Will you call me, Chris?
 At this time, I'm not taking phone calls unless it's with a coaching client. I simply receive too many requests for my time, and already being a single full-time father and entrepreneur, that it's just not realistic for me to spread my time thinner than i
 How do I mail a check to you?
 I completely understand that not everybody wants to make a payment online, and that some people simply aren't able to. If you'd like to tithe via check, please send it to: Chris Cade 340 S. Lemon Ave, Suite 3470 Walnut, CA 91789 Please remember to
 WOW! "Rise Into Love" is amazing... can I read it at a wedding?
 After reading "Rise Into Love," many people have written asking if they may read this passage at the wedding for somebody they care about. To every person who has this

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