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 Confirmation Email Has Not Been Received
 The unfortunate truth is that a lot of valid email gets labeled as spam and will never get to you. To ensure that you do receive the confirmation email, make sure that you have done the following: 1. Check your spam or bulk folders for my email 2. M
 My Download Link Is Not Working
 After purchasing any of my products, you should be immediately redirected to the product registration page. After you complete your product registration, you should be taken to the download page. Additionally, you should receive an email with details abo
 How Do I Open the Free Ebooks?
 The free ebooks require Adobe Reader to view them, and you can download the latest version here for free:
 You Never Received A Response To Your Help Desk Request
 It is becoming increasingly more difficult to receive emails successfully. As a result, it is possible that your internet provider blocked our email response to your support request. Please check your spam / bulk folders to ensure that our email did no
 I Haven't Received My Spiritual Cinema Circle DVDs yet
 Spiritual Cinema Circle DVDs are usually shipped around the middle of the month. Due to postal issues, it can sometimes take as long as 3 weeks to receive. If 3 weeks have passed, then please contact Spiritual Cinema Circle Support directly at:
 What If I Never Received My Download?
 Products and downloads are never directly emailed; however, you should have received an email with a link to your download when you first signed up and/or made a purchase. The email may have ended up in your spam folder, so first check there. Then fol
 What If The Help Desk Won't Let Me Write A Ticket?
 First, try clicking the link below to write a ticket: Submit A Help Desk Ticket If that doesn't work, then you can try replying to the most recent email
 The link in your email doesn't work
 There are a few things that can cause links in emails to not work successfully, so please read this carefully: (1) If the link is UN-clickable... meaning that no matter what you try, your email will not let you click it then it's possible that your ema
 What if your video won't play?
 In most cases, the reason a video won't play has to do either with your internet browser or the speed of your internet connection. Here's a few things you can try to resolve the issue. (1) If the video won't play at all, then make sure you have Adobe
 What does "there are no suitable nodes to process your request" mean?
 This error occurs when my website hosting company is having technical problems. Usually they resolve within a few minutes, so just wait and try again. Under unusually strange circumstances, it can take up to a few hours to resolve.
 A website you referred me to doesn't have the subscribe box you said it would. Why not?
 This is one of those situations where I have a solution without a very good explanation. The short version is, you can probably resolve the problem by viewing the website using a different internet browser. For example, if you regularly use Internet E
 Downloaded PDF file says it's corrupted or damaged and cannot be repaired
 This problem usually occurs because of one of two reasons: (a) You have an outdated version of Adobe Reader. Visit the link below to install the latest version of Adobe Reader, and see if this resolves your problem:
 Your Unsubscribe link doesn't work! How do I stop your emails?
 First of all, please accept my sincerest apologies for your inconvenience. My intention is to only be of service to those people who want to receive my emails and to ensure that anybody who does not want to receive my emails will not and can unsubscribe e
 Emails Are Going Into The Spam Folder
 First of all, please make sure that you have added my email address to your Allowed Senders list. For instructions how to do that with the most common email providers,
 Do You Accept PayPal?
 I do accept gratitude Tithes directly PayPal here.
 How Do I Write A Help Desk Request?
 If these FAQ entries did not answer your questions, please click here to write a Help Desk Request. IMPORTANT: Before submitting your ticket, please
 There are black lines and boxes in the PDF
 This is a known issue with the default PDF viewer in Mac OS 10 and the PDFs created with Microsoft Word (which I use to create my PDFs). The way to resolve this is actually quite simple: (1) Make sure your Adobe Reader version is updated. You can downl
 On iPad / iPhone, PDFs Won't Display Correctly
 Some people who use iPads and iPhones report having difficulty viewing PDFs. Although we don't know why this happens specifically, some of them have resolved the problem by purchasing the Fast PDF+ app which is only $2.99
 I Unsubscribed But Am Still Being Charged. Why?
 As per our company policies, you must click here to contact us directly to cancel your subscription or get a refund. Do not click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of email
 Can I Download Your Videos?
 Unfortunately at this time, none of my videos are available for download.
 Why won't your video play for me?
 There are several reasons why you might not be able to watch the videos on Here are a few possible solutions: (1) Make sure your Internet Browser is updated to the newe
 Why is PayPal only giving me the 'Pay Later' option?
 This is related to PayPal's "Bill Me Later" option, only available to US residents for purchases of $99 or more. If you are approved, then Bill Me Later enables you to nothing today and no interest for 6 months. If you do not wish to use Bill Me Now
 I am having problems with a product you recommended. Please help!
 While I do take extreme care in which resources I recommend, occasionally some issues may arise. These are usually due to technical support issues, such as difficulties with downloads. First and foremost, please contact the program producer directly. U

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