Will You Promote or Review My Product/Book/Movie On Your Website and Mailing Lists?

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Created On: 26 May 2009 9:17 PM

Answer I am always open to reviewing and/or promoting quality products and services on my websites and to my visitors. However, I have very strict guidelines about who I will partner with. This is to ensure that your offering would be in the best interests of those who place their trust and confidence in me.

At this time, I am only accepting new partnership requests from people I know personally. More specifically, people I physically know in-person. The only exception to this policy is for interview and telesummit requests or partners I already have an existing long-term relationship with, and the only barrier to our physical meeting has been time and/or location.

That said, I am frequently attending industry masterminds and live events where I meet most of my partners. I also meet potential partners when they visit and/or are local to California, or if I am traveling to their geographic location.

After we've met in person, if we mutually decide that we are interested in collaborating together and sharing our work with each others' audiences, I will need links to all of your pages that my audience might see. This includes subscribe pages for free gifts, salespages, upsell pages, and download links to review your program.

Additionally, I require all new partners to be compliant with the Experts Industry Association Code of Ethics, all FTC guidelines, and the Clickbank Terms of Service, including the vendor guidelines. Your testimonials must be real.

With regards to your website, I will not mail to any pages that have on-exit popups which 'hijack' the visitor's session. Therefore, if you use popups on your site then they will need to be removed from all pages that my audience would visit.

I also will not promote offerings where the main program presenter is not real. My integrity is too valuable for me to allow it to be questioned because a person did not put his or her own name on their products.

At this time, I am only accepting review requests for movies, audiobooks (not physical books), and physical children's books. I am not reviewing physical printed books, and any that are sent unsolicited to me will go straight to Goodwill.

That said, if you have a movie, audiobook, or children's book you'd like me to review, please submit a request for product review and include the below information:

1) What is your product / service

2) Why do you think it is a good fit for my audience?

3) How will you provide a version (audiobook and/or physical children's book) for review to me?

Here are a few tips to increase the chances that your book will be reviewed:

(a) Shorter is better :)

(b) I have an 8 year old son, so children's spiritual books usually get reviewed more quickly than other products.

(c) If you are familiar with my work and the issues I've shared through my websites, emails, or social media, then any topic which appeals to an area of life I am working on or am passionate about is more likely to be reviewed.

(d) Movies have a much higher chance of being reviewed than books.

(e) Also, while I absolutely love hearing about peoples' personal journeys and stories, at this time I am not reviewing any memoirs or books about life stories. I am also not reviewing any channeled works at this time.

If you still want to send physical products to me for review, please contact my help desk directly and include the answers to the above questions (numbers 1-3).

Thank you!